How to Explain the Difference Between “Eminent vs. Immanent vs. Imminent” in English Grammar

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How to Explain the Difference Between “Eminent vs. Immanent vs. Imminent” in English Grammar

The words eminentimmanent, and imminent are among similar sounding words whose uses are often mixed up by writers. This post will help you distinguish between these terms and learn their proper uses.

The term eminent is used as an adjective to mean “famous and respected within a particular sphere or profession” or used to emphasize the presence of a positive quality.

“Eminent KY heart surgeon guilty of health fraud”
The Courier-Journal

“Eminent citizens’ appeal to govt for demonetisation rollback”
Times of India

“William Trevor, eminent Irish author of the darkly humorous, dies at 88”
The Washington Post

There is a known legal term called eminent domain, which refers to the right of a government to appropriate private property for public use but with payment of just compensation to the owner.

“Eminent-domain abuse rears its menacing head in Plymouth County”
Boston Globe

Meanwhile, the term immanent can be used as an adjective to denote “existing or operating within; inherent.”

“I call religion ‘an immanent transcendence,’ namely a contradiction.”
Religion News Service

“A creative tension between the immanent and the transcendent needs to be kept together; not unlike the horizontal of a cross (the historical) intersecting the vertical (the transcendent).”
Modern Diplomacy

“Transcendence or Immanence? Balancing Heaven and Earth”
Huffington Post

On the other hand, the term imminent is used as an adjective used to describe something that is “about to happen” or “impending.”

“Magnitude 7.4 Earthquake Strikes Fukushima, Japan: Imminent Tsunami Warning”

“Venezuela’s Maduro says OPEC output pact ‘imminent’”
Reuters UK

“Volcanic fumes warn of imminent eruptions”
Science Magazine

Remember that an eminent person is someone who is esteemed or renowned, something that is immanent can be found inside or within while an imminent event is an occurence that is impending or about to happen.

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